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4 vinyls to steal your heart this Spring

Its that time of the year again! Spring means a lot of changes.. in the weather, the colors in nature, and even the inside of your home! What better way to celebrate this time of the year than with a brand new floor? Today's vinyls are sure to make your eyes and heart spring with possibilities.

Chalk Hill

Chalk Hill stone plastic composite flooring features enhanced Dura Shield™ technology. The Innova Collection can go where engineered or laminate products weren’t sensible — bathrooms, basements, restaurant kitchens, commercial offices, and beyond. The possibilities are limitless.

Chalk Hill comes in a gorgeous, wire-brushed oak look. The variance in the planks give it a warmth you can feel. You can get Chalk Hill for an incredible price too!

Great Oregon Oak

The mighty, native oaks of the Pacific Northwest are known for their enduring strength. The Republic Great Oregon Oak Collection provides you with the natural beauty and durability of these majestic trees.

Republic's new Extra-Wide floor features wider and longer planks for a more authentic old-floor look and feel. The new Republic Pure SPC features Republic’s proprietary technology that makes the floors completely inert and waterproof. In addition, the all-new anti-bacterial EVA underlayment padding comes attached to the floor planks.

Not only does this make installation much quicker - it also offers excellent noise insulation never available before.

Dynamic Beige

The quiet, classic look of wood floors comes to full life in the Silver Lake line. Blending in unobtrusively, the floor gives a neutral background to furnishings and decorations of any genre. As someone once said Republic Pure SPC MAX: “You can’t have a floor that looks more like real wood without cutting down a tree.”

The naturally harmonious surface virtually never wears out. The core of the floor is 40% denser SPC floor made anywhere providing you with strength, durability and stability that will last as long as you own the floor – and then some.

Timber Bay

This gorgeous WPC comes in a matted finish that is sure to please! A gorgeous contrast to many colors, Timber Bay has been a staple for years and a favorite for its style and durability. Timber Bay even comes with a 25 year residential warranty!

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