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Timeless Beauty

Hardwood flooring is cozy, practical, and never goes out of style. Properly installed, it can last the life time of a home, which makes it an excellent investment. No need to worry about replacing your floors if you decide to resale; Wood flooring can be refinished and adds remarkable value to your home. 

Wood flooring comes in two main varieties: solid and engineered. Both are genuine wood products and add unparalleled beauty to your home. Visit our blog for more details on their differences.

What you need to know before installing wood:


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Hardwood Flooring comes in a variety of tree species. Each with their own degrees of hardness and unique appearance. A general rule of thumb is the harder the wood, the more durable it is to everyday traffic. Each species have their own characteristics, the experts at MR Flooring & Remodeling can save you time by aiding you in choosing the right wood floor for your Texas home. 


 Hardwood flooring is generally described by board width. A strip is less than 3” wide. Planks are 3” or wider. The width of individual boards has a dramatic influence on the look of your floor. Strips make a room look bigger. Planks tend to have a more rustic or contemporary feel depending on the finishes. Keep in mind that wide widths will complement a large room but could overwhelm a small area.


Similar to variation, grade refers to the way your wood floor will look, not the quality. For pre-finished floors there is: Clear Grade, Select & Better, Common, and Cabin Grade. Spanning from few variations  in color, length, and pattern of planks to a more rustic appeal with unfilled knots and pinholes. 

Texture Type

This gives the ultimate look and feel to your hardwood floor. The main texture finishes are Smooth, Hand-scraped, and Distressed. Many are often used in tandem to create a truly one of a kind floor for your home.

With your Hardwood Floor investment you will want to secure it. By putting your project in the hands of the experts at MR Flooring & Remodeling you can rest easy knowing we have the experience to properly install a wood floor that lasts decades to come. 

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