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Durability & Style

Easy to maintain, resistant to allergens, and extremely durable; tile is a practical and worry-free choice for many Texas homes and businesses. Available in a stunning array of colors, styles, sizes, and textures; tile is a design-conscious buyer's best friend!


With many styles and types of tile and stone available, you may be wondering what is the best for your home. The flooring experts at M.R. Flooring & Remodeling can assist you in choosing among the following types of tile: 




cermaic wood look.jpg


Ceramic Tiles come from clay that is fired in a kiln. Left as is, it is called un-glazed and is limited to the natural colors of the clay. The tile can be glazed and fired a second time to create a matte, semi- gloss, or high gloss finish with a large range of color options. Glazed Tile has better stain and moisture resistance than un-glazed tile. Be aware that high gloss tiles are more slippery and prone to showing scratches than textured or matte finishes. Un-glazed Ceramics are highly slip resistant, but must be sealed to reduce staining.

glass tile  site 2.jpg


The way glass tiles shimmer and change in the light gives off a sleek and radiant finish to the room. They are often used in bathrooms, kitchens, and pools, but not limited to those areas. Loved by designers, glass feels ultra-modern and high end. Glass tiles resist stain, moisture, chemicals, mold and mildew. It is non-porous and will not fade. Special glass flooring tiles are made strong, slip-resistant and withstand wear. They come in different sizes ranging from 1” to 18” and an unending variety of shapes, colors, and finishes.

porcelain website.jpg


Porcelain is a form of ceramic, but made of a sand-like material and fired at higher temperatures. The coloring is seen throughout the tile and creates a durable, non-porous, scratch resistant product that can withstand extreme temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for indoors and outdoors. The term porcelain and ceramic are often used interchangeably.

granite website 2.jpg


Granite is the hardest stone floor available. Being formed from magma, it is nearly as hard and durable as a diamond. Choose from thousands of colors in a multitude of shades. Due to its moisture and scratch resistance, it is a great choice for kitchens but can be used on any floor, on walls, and counters. 

mosaic backspaslh.jpg


Mosaics are tiles sized 2x2 or smaller and can be used as borders, countertops, wall backsplashes, and even flooring. They come in many shapes including squares, circles, ovals, tear drops, and an endless array of patterns and colors. Mosaic tile can include stone, metal, glass, ceramic, porcelain or a combination of any of these materials.  Decorative mosaics typically have a higher gloss & are most commonly used as a beautiful backsplash or accent wall.

marble flooring.jpg


Marble flooring is classic and elegant. It is naturally created inside the earth when heat and high pressure crystallize limestone. Marble adds sophistication to any space but because it is more porous than granite, it is more susceptible to scratching and moisture. A below surface sealant and a surface finishing treatments are important steps to minimize scratching and prevent potential moisture damage. To keep it looking lavish, regular care and maintenance is required.

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