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Life Proof Flooring

Today’s vinyl's are taking the market by storm, and for good reason! Vinyl Flooring has advanced leaps and bounds, offering an endless array of colors and patterns. You can find styles that look identical to authentic wood or ceramic tile. Vinyl flooring comes in a full range of finishes which are embossed and printed with such precision that they look and feel like a real wood floor!

Vinyl flooring has superior characteristics for both residential and commercial use. Easy to maintain and durable in any room, Vinyl is a great choice for any South Texas home.


Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

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  • Vinyl floors make one of the best choices when you need waterproofing capabilities and also enduring beauty. Most of our products come with 30-50 year residential warranties. 

  • Vinyl floors have scratch resistant capabilities comparable to laminate, but with a warmer underfoot. Properly installed vinyls are also quieter to walk on. 

  • Vinyl floors can be easily cleaned with a vacuum, broom, or wet mop. Severely damaged planks can also be pulled out and replaced like with laminate flooring.

  • Vinyl flooring installation offers an all around great solution for the majority of Texas homes and businesses. We offer Vinyl's to suite your tastes and budget. 

  • All Vinyl's in our store are experience-tested; meaning we only carry products we have experience putting in homes or business just like yours. Get peace of mind with a vinyl floor installation from the experts at MR Flooring & Remodeling. 

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