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All about Vinyl!

There was once a time when real estate agents would almost gloss over the fact that the home they were showing had vinyl floors installed. It was almost a foregone conclusion that the market price was lowered to reflect the fact that the 'hideous' vinyl floors would need to be replaced before the house was inhabitable. Vinyl floor didn't get bitter however – it got better, and today's luxury vinyl flooring could legitimately be considered a luxury flooring option. Make no mistake vinyl will probably never match the durability or porcelain / ceramic tile and will struggle forever to match the warmth and luxury of hardwood. That being said, for years vinyl was simply the affordable flooring option and that meant consumers had to sacrifice style. In the past vinyl flooring came in patterns that were better off suited for a bad leisure suit or a 1960s kitchen window curtain. Today's modern printing methods allow for vinyl that is stylish, including patterns that emulate wood, granite, marble, and other luxury flooring materials. While the improved style is the biggest advantage causing the resurgence in vinyl flooring, it is hardly the only benefit of the material. Vinyl is still the most affordable flooring choice with some prices starting as low as $0.50 per square foot. Of course higher quality patterns and thicker construction will cost more but the material still provides exceptional bang for the buck. Speaking of thicker material, vinyl flooring is also known as resilient flooring because of its softness and 'bounce-back'. This provides a nice cushion when walking on the floor and makes it a comfortable alternative. Obviously carpet will still provide more softness, but not with the ease of maintenance that vinyl provides. The 'big 3' of vinyl now includes style, price, and that ease of maintenance / durability. Sure the material will rip if attacked with a cooking knife but most materials will show damage in extreme kitchen circumstances. Although vinyl is now available in planks and tile installation, the one-piece application is still the healthiest option for allergy sufferers and their interior living environment. There are no seams or grout lines to attract dust mites, skin cells, hair, and other debris and sweeping is neat and easy. Vinyl flooring is very pet-friendly. Not only for the fact that the material will withstand regular affects from claws and muddy feet, but also because pet hair is easily removed from the surface. The homeowner will have more convenience with the pet/vinyl combo while guests won't feel the affects of lingering dander. Vinyl flooring is surging its way towards becoming a focal point of a room instead of an area that is glossed over by guests. Its benefits (price, durability, and looks) now and down the line are hard to beat in the flooring industry.

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