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Tile-look vinyl; what is it, why get it?

What is tile-look vinyl flooring?

  • Tile-look vinyl flooring is the latest trend in flooring that is starting to gain popularity in our region.

  • It has the same structure as your normal engineered vinyl; With a scratch resistant top layer, a stone core, and pad attached.

  • It is 100% waterproof, scratch-resistant, and comes with a 20yr+ residential warranty.

  • The planks comes in varying sizes; from your standard 12"x24" tile to larger formats like a 24"x48".

  • Installs 'floating' with a click-n-lock mechanism for faster installations.

Why choose tile-look vinyl flooring?

  • Affordability. Tile-look vinyl is a more budget friendly choice when compared to the total cost of doing a ceramic or porcelain tile project.

  • Ease of Installation. Tile-look vinyl does not require complicated steps required for a proper tile installation. No mixing thinset!

  • Faster completion of job. Since tile-look is a floating floor you can expect installation to be much quicker than a traditional tile floor.

  • Appearance. Tile-look vinyl will uphold its beautiful look without fading from the sun or the same dirty grout lines you would get with a traditional tile. It also comes with an incredible warranty.

  • No need to worry about shifting or cracked tiles!

Where can you get tile-look vinyl flooring?

  • We carry tile-look vinyl from some of the most reputable names in the industry. Visit us at 2540 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, TX or give us a call at 210-612-8868 for more information.

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