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Healthy Hardwood Flooring

Looking for a floor that will stand the test of time, awe visitors with it's natural beauty, and keep your family breathing the best air quality available? Then look no further than the LifeCore™ Hardwood Collection.

LifeCore is an engineered-wood flooring like no other. All products in their collections feature Zero Add™. Zero Add™ technology allows LifeCore to produce flooring with some of the lowest levels of formaldehyde on the market without comprising on any features. This means that you and your loved ones can breathe easy knowing you have one of the healthiest floors available.

Speaking of air quality, many of us suffer from allergens, making beautiful Spring weather in Texas difficult to endure. Luckily, we spend 85% of our time indoors and LifeCore's engineered wood exceeds all requirements for air quality emissions. LifeCore has been certified not only by FloorScore, the most recognized certification in the industry, but also Indoor Advantage Gold, the most stringent certification for indoor air quality.

Not just a smart decision for your family's health; LifeCore produces remarkably beautiful floors that feature an astounding amount of styles. Sawn-marked oaks bring rustic charm and a natural allure worthy of praise. While Abella Acacia is a breath of fresh air with modern European inspiration and a striking, high-end finish.

Some collections even feature an Organic Reactive Process to achieve their beautiful and unique look. Based on a process over 100 years old, hardwoods are smoked and exposed to various organic substances. Unlike a coat of paint, which promotes a more uniform appearance, organic reactive process creates darkening and highlighting in each plank and grain pattern which will wow you with its varying degrees of contrast. These natural colors permeate the veneer, making your floors more resistant to showing scratches and scuffs.

LifeCore ensures the quality of their products with a 50 year residential and lifetime structural warranty. The beauty of these floors is designed and engineered to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Visit our showroom today and pick up a sample free of charge. See for yourself the unique beauty & strength of the LifeCore Hardwood Collection.

For more on LifeCore's sustainability mission visit:


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