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Looking for Flooring in San Antonio?

Maybe it's time to sell your home, maybe you're buying your first home, or maybe you're just looking to refresh the most prominent interior feature of your home- the floors! So where do you start?

With all the flooring options out there you might want to cut through the barrage of advertising and information and just find a good solution fast. We don't blame you! Flooring can be more complicated than many homeowners may realize; and finding someone to do the job right can be the hardest part of all.

There are lots of options when it comes to purchasing your flooring material. You might wonder why not save the trouble and head to your local HomeDepot or Lowes. Unfortunately, heading to those large stores can be a problem for two huge reasons:

Material Quality

Unqualified Installation Teams

Big box stores are only incentivized to move product by volume- whether its $0.99 or $19.99- to anyone and everyone who walks through their doors. That material can be recycled, liquidated, or even structurally defective. Representatives are not likely to ask you specific questions about your project that can be crucial to the success of your installation.

The flaw with the big box business model is that it is not customer-centric. Stores want to sell more of the product they get higher profits on to make more money, regardless of its quality. The representatives walking the floors have no interest past selling the product from their inventory stock into your hands. Installation and your project success isn't their priority.

We can't tell you how many times we have gotten calls from homeowner's who went with a big box store to save money and had to have everything ripped out and redone! That is because the qualifications and criteria to become an installer for a big-box store are low and there is no guarantees of their experience or skill when contracted. Your house could be the first glue-down flooring project that team has ever done! Do you want your home to be the test run to see if this crew makes the cut for HomeDepot? Probably not.

That's the M.R. Flooring & Remodeling difference. We are an installation-focused team with a showroom only stocked with name-brand materials that are built to last. Our products are installer-friendly and our staff is highly vested in the success of your project. You'll leave an estimate with us or a visit to our showroom educated with what you need to know.

We reverse engineer your project for you so that you have no surprises at the end- Except for how beautiful your floor is of course! We don't believe in 'hard' selling a product because we may receive higher profits. We want you to fall in love with the floor you will walk on and cherish for years to come.

We understand how difficult it may seem to put together any remodeling project, small or big. So we take this daunting task and make it simpler. We offer you peace-of-mind by providing you high quality materials & elite level installations. Our staff is here to to help take you from start to finish with your project.


We want to make sure you're happy from the first step into our showroom to the first step on your new floor. M.R. Flooring & Remodeling is your one stop shop for flooring and remodeling in the greater San Antonio area. Visit us today and see why we are one of the best rated flooring stores & installation teams in Texas.

Avoid any project-related headaches. Give us a call today. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have on your project.




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