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WPC vs SPC; What's The Difference?

When shopping for vinyl flooring you may hear lots of words thrown around to describe different products. Don't let this jargon intimidate you! Quality vinyl flooring can be broken down into two main categories- SPC & WPC. While both are considered LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile); they are two distinct types of product.

SPC stand for stone polymer composite. Other words used for SPC are Rigid Core. The core of an SPC product has a whitish/greyish hue that come from ground of bits of stone and resins that give it its name. The dense core of an SPC product allows this flooring to minimize telegraphing when installing over some types of tile. (We recommend checking with one of our flooring experts if you are considering installing over tile.) Because it contains stone, SPC has a heavy profile; Handle SPC boxes with extra caution! We recommend SPCs for their attractive price points and all around functionality in homes.

WPC stands for wood plastic composite. The core of a WPC has a beige hue that comes from the shredded bits of wood and resins that give the product its name. WPCs have lost some ground to SPCs over the years because of manufacturing and cost improvements to SPCs. However, many still prefer WPCs for their softer feel underfoot. WPCs are ~1000 PSI while SPCs are ~2000 PSI. The difference in the hardness can be felt by some when standing for extended periods of time.

Both SPCs and WPCs are coated with a urethane or a ceramic bead finish. Both are water-proof flooring products and both come with 25 year or longer residential warranties (we also include an installation warranty.) You can find attractive wood-look and even tile-look options in both SPCs and WPCs. We carry a wide variety of SPC and WPC flooring for you to touch, feel, and even take home at our showroom. For more information on vinyl products call or visit our showroom Monday through Saturday! We look forward to answering all your flooring questions.

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