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5 Ways Your Carpet is Telling You That It’s Dying

Everything in our home shows wear eventually, and as some things show more wear than others, your flooring is certainly no exception. It is a part of your house that receives regular and consistent use, taking the brunt of the weather, our kids, our pets, and our sometimes chaotic lives.

Carpet is certainly no exception to this. In fact, because of its absorbent nature, carpet tends to hold on to the dirt, grime, smells, germs, and toxins so much more than hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring. The fact is carpet will only stay nice for so long. It’s important to pay attention to how your carpet is doing and if it is indeed, time to replace it. But what are those warning signs that your carpet is dying?


This is, perhaps, the most obvious sign to the naked eye that it’s time to switch that carpet out. There are certain stains that, no matter how many stain removal tactics you try, will not come out of your carpet.

Wear and Tear

As carpet gets old, it sometimes will fray at the ends or at the seams, wear thin in certain places with heavy traffic, and lose its original softness.


This is one that grosses many people out. Certain smells simply don’t ever come out of carpet completely. It doesn’t matter how many times you treat it, some smells linger. On top of this, bad odors in carpet can also be responsible for giving your entire house that smell.

Condition of Carpet Pad

As a carpet pad ages, it can tend to lose its springiness. This can make your once soft and buoyant carpet feel flat and hard.


Carpet can be clean, good smelling, and soft, but if it is clearly outdated, it gives itself away. Outdated carpet can give your space a drab look that you might not want.

Many people are simply not huge fans of carpet. It can be cozy and soft, but it can be tough to keep clean and smelling great. Pay attention to how your carpet is doing and if it’s time to get rid of it, there’s no time like the present. Consider upgrading to hardwood floors or vinyl flooring. It will change your life!

If you have questions about your flooring, contact us today!

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