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Water-Proof Laminate Flooring!

The last couple years have seen a rise in the popularity of laminate flooring, and for good reason! Its fade resistant, scratch resistant, and more affordable than its natural counterpart. However, one of the few drawbacks of laminate flooring has been its lack of water resistance, which has kept many homeowners from installing laminate in their homes.

Thanks to recent advances in technology, water-proofing techniques are now being applied to laminate flooring! Industry leaders, like QuickStep™, have released stunning collections of water-proof laminate flooring. Products like NatureTek™ are the perfect balance of lifelong durability and elegance.

QuickStep is already known for its innovative products, like the UniClic locking system. This patented system features a tight-locking joint that helps prevent water damage, warping, gapping and prevents height differences between planks. Many laminate manufacturers still pay royalties to be able to feature this system in their products.

QuickStep NatureTek™ is an innovative product in it's own class. Registering and embossing along the wood grain makes this product look and feel like the real thing. While longer and wider planks create a remarkable hardwood appearance. The manufacturers are so sure of the quality of their product that NatureTek™ features a lifetime residential warranty. NatureTek also has certifications from The National Laminate Flooring Association, Floor Score, & TSCA.

Looking for pet friendly flooring? QuickStep NatureTek Plus & Select feature HydroSeal™; A waterproof surface coating providing protection from everyday spills,wet mopping, and pet accidents. You can rest easy knowing this a safe floor for all members of your family.

Interested in taking home a sample home free of charge? Be sure to visit our showroom on 2540 Thousand Oaks! ​


Waterproof Laminate Floor

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